Home Should Be Safe

Home should be safe. Home should be the safest place you can exist, a haven of rest from the world around us. When I come home from a day of work, shopping or any activity at all, I step into my home, take off my shoes, hang up my coat and breathe a sigh of relief. I am home; I am safe; and I can relax and do whatever I choose without fear of retribution. I hope that your home has the same atmosphere.

There are many people who do not have this safe haven. These people want to be any place but at home because home is where they are the most afraid. Home is where they are in danger of being torn down emotionally, deprived of any comfort and injured physically at any time in any room. They are not in danger because they live in a bad neighborhood. They are in danger because someone in the home abuses them. It’s called domestic violence or family violence. It is insult and injury not at the hands of a stranger but at the hands of an intimate.

It could be the husband or it could be the wife, the father or the mother, or it could an adult child who abuses an elderly parent. Regardless of who it is, the abuser believes they have the right to treat or mistreat others as they see fit for whatever reason they see fit. They have only one goal, to manipulate and exercise control over others.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly 50% of adult women in the United States will experience abuse at the hands of an intimate. Domestic violence is known to cross all societal divides. Abuse is as old and mankind and happens regardless of social class, political party, religion, ancestry, geographic region, occupation or hobby.

For those who have experienced abuse, for those who know someone who has experienced abuse, for those who think they have all the answers and those who don’t have a clue, this blog will provide answers regarding abuse.

The information in this blog are pulled from the pages of my book, Home Should be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims which you can purchase from my website.

I challenge you to read this blog, consider what you read, comment upon what you read, ask questions if you like. I promise you will not come away from this blog unchanged where the subject of abuse is concerned.




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