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Home Should Be Safe: Domestic Violence Awareness Organization

What began many years ago as journaling to vent my pain, is now going to form a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic violence to find healing from the trauma. When I married at nineteen I had no knowledge or experience with abuse so I didn’t recognize the charming act of an abuser during the dating stage. Once I was married it took me years to recognize that my husband’s behavior was so classically abusive. When I divorced fourteen years later no one that I knew had any inkling of what was wrong with me or how to help me. So, once God healed and delivered me I set out to find a way to make people aware of the signs of abuse and how to help its victims.

After twenty years of writing and speaking on the realities of domestic violence and how to help its victims my next step is to form an organization that will not only make the information available but will attempt to be a bridge between secular and spiritual helpers. My goal is to show women that healing and wholeness are possible.

This blog will provide information on domestic violence and updates on the formation of my organization, Home Should Be Safe.

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