Jesus is the Answer

There is an old song that I love called, “Jesus is Still the Answer”. That one little phrase can be applied to any situation of our lives. We can try every solution the world offers; we can try any solution we can think up for ourselves. But, no matter what we try we will still come back to the reality that Jesus is the answer for whatever we need in this life.

When I was a young woman I met and married a man who I found out too late was abusive. For many years I did everything I knew how to make that marriage work. I didn’t even know what abuse or domestic violence was because violence didn’t happen in my parents’ home. For this reason it took me a long time to recognize that my husband’s behavior would never change. When I finally divorced I was broken into so many pieces that I thought I’d never be whole again.

The good thing was that I’d had a relationship with Jesus since I was a small child and was saved as a teenager. So, even when I tried to give up on God he refused to give up on me. Four years later I received God’s healing and deliverance from all the pain and suffering of those years of abuse. Once God healed and delivered me I felt free and light, like I’d never felt before in my whole life.

It’s been more than twenty years since that happened and I can tell you that no matter what troubles life threw my way, no matter what challenges I faced, Jesus is still the answer. God never promised that we would never have pain or trials. In fact he said we would have them. But, he did promise that he would walk through them with us.

If there is one thing I could tell someone who was or is a victim of domestic violence it is that Jesus is still the answer. If your heart is broken Jesus can heal it. If your spirit is broken Jesus can heal it. If you feel like you’re missing pieces of your life, Jesus can rebuild your life. If you feel like you have no dreams left, Jesus can give you new dreams.

Whether you are still living in your abusive situation or not Jesus is walking beside you waiting for you to reach out to him, to call to him and to ask him to help you. He loves you and wants to bring you close and shower you with his love. Jesus can give you peace the world cannot understand. Jesus can give you a knowing deep within your heart and soul so that you know that you know that you know that God will take care of you no matter what your situation. All you have to do is reach out to him.


Mina R. Raulston writes extensively about domestic violence and loves to give her testimony of healing and deliverance from the pain and suffering of domestic violence. Contact her by phone at 614-507-7893 or e-mail her at to schedule a speaking engagement.

You can buy copies of her book, Home Should Be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims from her website


About minarraulston

I have been a freelance writer for more than twenty years. I have now branched out and also provide editing services and I am a public speaker. I write, edit and speak on a variety of subjects. One of the main subjects I speak and write about is domestic violence. As a survivor of domestic violence I speak out for those who can't or are too afraid to speak out. Domestic violence is a crime against the family and I believe as a society we do all we can to end it and help those who have been victimized by it.

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